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So here's how the mini game goes :D

You'll guys see 19 pic of GD fashion....or more of outfits. And you'll just have to comment which fashion trend YOU LIKED and which one YOU DON'T LIKE.......Also say WHY xD simple right!!! BUT IT'Z FUN TOO . . . . . Sooooooooo THERE WE START LEEEGOOO ENJOOOYYY~~~~~

Half-biker, half gypsy

???.....Um you can name that too if you want xD

Sexy Librarian

An outlaw chef

Wandering Vagrant


Red Racer

The Confused Hobo


The 5th SISTAR Member

Come Take Me Away

Speak No Evil

Glorified Beetlejuice

Rainbow Braids

The Sideshow Bob

Come-hither.....*MY FAV*

A Farmer With Style

THERE YOU GO :D (J)hope you enjoy.........LOVE LOVE LOVE

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I liked Gaara, Speak No Evil, Glorified Beetlejuice, and Come-Hither!!! They look pretty cool and make him seem badass!!! I really really don't like the rest 😝
I like: Gypsy-Biker Outlaw Chef Gaara and Come Hither (Lol - it's like a bad-boy theme or something) I didn't any of the others, but especially: Sexy librarian, Side-show Bob, and farmer with style
Personally I liked the Gaara picture because I think he looks hot and that outfit is from one of my most viewed K-pop mvs. I dislike the Wandering Vagrant look because it seems all wrong and the accordion doesn't help.
Wow, he's done just about everything. I wouldnt be surprised if he put on a garbage bag and made it a trend 😂😂
"glorified bettle juice" "a farmer with style" oh my god you mad eme laugh so hard 😂 i dont really like any ;-;
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