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Hello Guys! I almost forgot about this event so...oh well One of my hobbies are
[WRITING SOMETHING RANDOM] Every story that I write either goes to the trash or is hidden somewhere no one in my family would see..... you see im shy and I am one of the people who doesn't want people to see my work To be honest I really like writing when I wasn't interested in the internet which was when I was like 6 Anyways onto the next one
[READING NOVELS OR FANFICTION'S OR ANYTHING RELATED TO STORIES] If I like to write, I'm pretty sure that it's obvious that I also like to read Stories makes me calm down and sometimes people would see me on my phone reading either a fanfiction or a novel And sometimes in school people see me having a book on my hand
[AND LASTLY.... GAMING] I know most people likes games... they're very enjoyable okay? I'm always in my room either reading, writing, or playing.... I like playing computer games and sometimes first person shooting games which my family sometimes thinks I'm a tomboy for even playing games like that.... Anyways guys thats about it!
And in my life.... STUDYING will never be my hobby
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