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I like to play videogames alot. I play on the Xbox 360 and the 3ds. I am currently playing Saints row 4, Halo 3, and Call of duty: Black ops 2. (mostly have other games) On my ds I play Super smash bros, Legend of Zelda ocarina of thin and majors mask (preferred them on the n64 though) l. I also have a few emulators on my computer (mostly n64 and GBA games) I play Conker's bad fur day and Castelvaina arria of sorrow.
I also really like to read. I mostly read manga the current manga I'm reading is called "The puppet master" and "Tower of god' on an app called webtoon. I enjoy horror, and adventure.
I like to cook and I'm all ways ready to take on a new recipe. I like to cook breakfast and desert foods mostly. some of my favorite things to make are creeps,spring rolls, onigiri, and cakes.
I also enjoy writing code, working on different things, and "parkour" (I don't jump from roof to roof but I like running jumping and climbing things I do end up on roofs a lot) I can't do any flips or any crazy stuff like that.
I love the drums, Guitar, Chello, Violin, N Piano😆 hehe
yahohohohoho I got a monte cristo batter thats works as well for pancakes and waffles
I also like music I use to play drums, guitar, flute, and chello I like to listen to rock mostly though