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The deal with BamBam:

BamBam was speaking in Korean when he supposedly said the N word. And Niga in Korean means something completely different. So he didn't really say anything bad. Does everyone understand that???

The deal with Yugyeom:

The drinking age in Korea is completely different than in America. The age in Korea is 19 and its not like Yugyeom has lived in America his whole life. Yes Yugyeom did get drunk but not like bad drunk. And he did not know the age for drinking in America.

The deal with Mark:

Who the hell cares?!?!? Oh no Mark has a tattoo everyone freak the hell out!!!!!!!

And lastly screw marks friends for saying crap!!!!!

I totally understand that people are blowing this WAY out of proportion, but BamBam did clearly say "my n***a" in the video, it was in the song in the background as well. I'm all for people wanting to drop the subject, but we can't hide an idols mistake and explain it away. Yes, we should drop it and admit that bambam made a mistake like any HUMAN but I dont want people saying that he's completely innocent. No one will learn if we let that happen.
@otakukpoper I know but still
@otakukpoper oh I just decided to make his card so other people on vingle will stop talking about it. I don't really care in more but seeing everything on vingle is stressing me the fuck out so I decided to clear this shit up so people shut the hell up
He was speaking English and he said the word but one of marks friend told him that I'm ment bro so he said that towards mark as he was getting in the picture
@gabbycalzada I meant the people that are hating on them not you
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