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Time to learn to speak Korean like a Korean Kpop fan!

In Korea, its very common for artists to album signing events. It helps the fans meet the artists and also boost album sales for the company (you usually have to buy mulitple to get in since its normally done raffle-style!)

They are called Fan Signs (팬싸인/paen-ssa-een) but Korean fans would just say:

팬싸 - Paen-Ssa

It's a shortened way of saying 팬싸인~

There are 2 kinds:

1. Open

Anyone can go and watch, usually takes place in a mall where its open and people can watch even if they aren't getting their album signed. There is usually a performance involved!

2. Closed

Only the people who have won the chance to go are invited. Usually in a theatre with lots of seats where you wait your turn. They usually talk and play games or do Q&A at closed events.

Who would you love to go to a 팬싸 for?

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a year ago·Reply
Definetly EXO and BTS!!!!! Ahhhhhh I wish I could go to these fansigns!!!!!! 😢
a year ago·Reply
got7 and bts and shinee and like every kpop idol
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply
I would love to go to
a year ago·Reply