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Wait, but...

Would a dyslexic be able to read 'melon' as 'melon' in this ad? What if someone reads it as 'lemon' and doesn't actually get the joke? Did they consider this when making the flyer? I have so many questions and don't know where to begin.

Do you or anyone you know have dyslexia? What are some truths about it or some big myths worth clearing up?

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I am not completely a nazi about it... often I try correcting by using what they should have said in my own response.. I do this most with my Korean friends
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ㅋㅋㅋ.... I did it again... I mixed up what post this was a reply to
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I don't know if all are correctable but I think all can be managed maybe
a year ago·Reply
@arnelli It is okay, I am sleepy so I am sorry if I am slow :'(
a year ago·Reply
@danidee you're not slow at all you make so many cards a week im supprised you're not burned out
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