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Welcome to today's Fun & Gamez activity - THE KISSING GAME!

Get your chapstick ready. There's going to be a whole lot of smooches being thrown around today.

How To Play:

1. The game starts off with me naming two different people. (EX: Abraham Lincoln vs. George Washington?)
2. The first person who comments has to tell me which one of them they would kiss, WHY they picked them, and then pick the next two people. (EX: Abraham Lincoln because George Washington has a nasty ass grill. Oprah Winfrey or Barbra Walters?)
3. The next person who comments has to choose from THAT pairing. And then the cycle keeps going.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?

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Taylor Swift? Bruce lee or Chuck Norris
a year agoReply
OMG, definately Bruce...! Okay, time to get mean... 馃槇 *if it had to be a 20+minute make-out session*... Bush (Jr.) or Trump?
a year agoReply
Bush (Jr.) because trump would build a wall between us so it would be impossible Rap Monster or Eric Nam
a year agoReply
Rap Monster because 1.he is fine like wine and 2. he could spread his rap magic on me (rap is life) GDragon or T.O.P.
a year agoReply
T.O.P because come on he's top Jungkook or Matthew McConaughey
a year agoReply