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as promised and I apologize for it being late. Most of you are that familiar with beast and so I figured along with you 3 Squad that maybe we could make a car for each individual member that way you guys can get to know who they are. So we're going to start with the youngest member, Dongwoon.
Dongwoon he is the youngest of the group. Born June 6th 1991. Before he's joined Cube Entertainment he was a trainee at JYP. He was still in high school at that time. His last year of school was the year B2ST debuted.
fun facts about him: he eats a lot He is called the Male God (Fans have given him that name. they even have a chant for him.) However he has low self-esteem. As much as he loves spots he is bad at them along great with other physical activities. He is pretty laid back with being normal when he can. He reads alot and like a true maknae he acts out to have fun.
He looks up to his elders, especially then members of beast. He really respects man it looks of to them. It is said that he is one of the smartest members of the within the group. Many believe that the reason why he is so smart within math and science and learning under other languages is because he got it the smarts from his father, who is a professor and and author.
there are times where people believe that he's Arabic or from the Western countries meaning Europe or the United States. The reason for that is for how he looks. And this happen. to me, because when I got into BEAST I literally that he was from the states because he did not look Asian all.
a few years ago he came out as a solo artist with his first Japanese album. he was the 4th member within beast to come out with a solo album. However this one is in Japanese and not Korean.
Evern though Dongwoon oppa seems at time to be the oldest when he is so focused on work, it's hard to belive that the members still treat him as if he was still a baby.
My Woonie!!! I love his nose and Adams apple plus his laugh and smile are the best. ≧﹏≦
Bae ❤❤
I'm so weird but I love his eyebrows and nostrils. smh