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So I've come to notice that most of us who live in Ohio have to miss out on a lot of stuff because of the simple fact that we do not live in a major city like New York City or even Dallas Texas. I live in a small little country town called Lebanon and the closest I get to seeing any kind of kpop fans were the students in my old anime club in high school. Don't get me wrong, I love Lebanon, but there are times when I just want to take my things and head to a larger city to just have a better chance at things. There were people who knew what it was but only barely. All the people I went to high school with barely acknowledged the fact that I was alive most of the time and honestly it hurt a lot. Kpop had become an escape for me and I can honestly say that I've been listening to it for the last three years now.
I know for a fact if I'd had more people around me that were Kpop fans I would have tried to enter the dance cover festival but let me tell you, when no one likes it around you, you have no way of creating a group. It sucks that I have no way of being able to compete for things like that because I am a minority in my home town. I'm pretty sure that I won't find a kpop fan within 20 feet of me anywhere I go in my town. My friend listens to it with me, but she doesn't enjoy it the way I do.
Those of us in Ohio want to do these things that everyone else can but we have no way of doing so! Ugh sorry about that guys I just needed to rant.
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@IsabellaCherry I know the feeling. I'm lucky to see anything when I visit Cincinnati. That's where I see most Kpop fans here in Ohio
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My daughter goes to school in Northern Minnesota and the biggest town close to her is Fargo, ND. She has the same problem.
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I live in Hilliard, OH & surprisingly I've made quite a few friends at my school because of kpop^^ I've also introduced & gotten quite a few of my non-kpop friends into it~ I hear there's lots of kpop fans in Dublin, OH...
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My grandparents live in your town! but I live in ND..
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@caitiesu you got lucky then lol I've never been to Dublin so I don't know @BryAnnaAhrens that's cool! I never expected that
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