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Day 3: my other hobbies???

I enjoy doing art (been drawing since age of 5)!! One day I want to be a Manga artist!!

I like to play games!! My favorite series is the legend of Zelda series!!!

I do a sport called archery!! And I love it!!

I love to sing also!! I've been singing for about 8 years!

What about you guys?? I love my fellow vinglers and I love to get to know you guys better!!! Make a card and tag me!! I would love to read and get to know you more!! Don't forget to tag @hikaymm !!
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your hobbies are amazing, you do so much more than me. and archery is pretty tuff, i had to take it for p.e. once, youre amazing for that.
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@NikkoNikole thanks!!!
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