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Some people just want to learn a new language, some want to live and work in Korea one day, some want to be translators.

What do YOU want to do with your Korean?

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This is going to sound lame, but nothing really... Unlike Japan, I'm not sure if South Korea is somewhere I would want to live for an extended period of time although I have enjoyed several vacations there. I just happen to find learning languages fascinating & at the same time I really enjoy K-Pop. Two of my interests combined, what could be better, right? ^^; I hardly use it in real life though except when I want to talk shit about other people without them knowing or when I watch things w/o subtitles... Really, that's the only time I use my Japanese either to be honest... So yeah, to sum it up, I just like languages. (I think I'm going to re-try Spanish &/or ASL at some point.)
Imma be rich xD But I want to own a cafe and maybe be a translator when Im needed lol like my side jobs (I also want to own a cruise ship lel) and Im learning Japanese as well Oh the dreams of the young me xD Im 14
I just want to be able to speak and understand korean so that I don't have to always look for subbed videos and I can understand kpop songs without translations. Also, so that I can visit South Korea (probably not live there) so that I can just check out everything and be able to communicate with foreigners ^-^
My goal is to prepare for my traveling all over the word not just South Korea or Japan, I just find Korean to be breath taking so I wanna learn and be able to communicate in a language I like.
Be able to talk to people and not expect everyone to know English because it's a pretty hard language.. :/ It would be cool to live there and feel comfortable