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육회...aka....RAW MEAT.


회 by itself means raw and is what you call sashimi in Korean.

육회, though, is pure, raw, MEAT.

Take some raw egg and some radish, mix it all up, and eat!

It can also come in Bibimbap so you'd have some more veggies in there too!

Would you ever try it!?

I love trying new things but I don't think I could eat this just because of growing up learning the health risk of raw meat
I wouldn't be able to eat this .. I don't like egg by itself and if I'm eating raw egg that happens to mixed into the meat ~ it has to be cooked or else I'm gonna taste the egg and it won't stay in my mouth ~ it will be reaching the garbage..
I cant.. I just can't lol
Hell no! I would never try raw-meat. I can't even eat it medium-rare! And I don't eat the egg like that so definitely NOT!
I would totally try it!
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