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Got7 And all other groups don't deserve judgment, death threats, trash talk, anything hurtful. They've worked so hard and even apologize for the things they do. Showing my support on IG ~
Markson c:
BamYeom ^.^
JJ :3
BBY Youngjae :D Encourage everyone to support Got7 and kill the haters with kindness! @Luna1171
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Couldn't of said it better myself. I was going to make a card on this but I kinda...gave up, like I don't want to change somebody that obviously isn't going to listen anyway 😞
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Thank you for your support ❤🤗
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@Gaehwa well believe it or not, many voices are better than one (: you should still make a card! as long as we stay strong for Got7, they'll find strength in us to keep moving forward ~
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thank you! c: @luna1171
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@DeeNice thank you I will I really don't know how I'll put it though
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