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You know these guys are very amazing and even though some crap happened over there time in LA we need to still need to show them that we love them.
We cant punish Mark for having bad friends...but they might not be bad to all fairness he grew up with them and he left before much could change for them....Mark isn't around these people daily so we need to move on...they suck and we're really crappy but got7 has all of igot7s backing them.
Bambam Said something wrong Oh well it's not like he knows better...he is learning the language the best he can and people that speak English easily should not be rude to this cutie and expect him to know what the word really means....Bambam is life and if he is forced out of got7....there is no got7. come on who cares if he was drunk we have a country full of people who drink under the age and film it....he really wasn't doing anything bad....he was on private property and he's allowed to drink then... I hope everything gets sorted out and the guys come back stronger than ever.... It's funny we all were worried about our image to got7 and how they'd think of us this being there first us tour and thankfully it wasn't the fans who did anything....
I still support them! They are human too!
I think that the word bambam said was offensive but its not like he knew. He doesn't live in the us so why is he getting death threats and stuff. He probably just didn't know the meaning of the word.
Why make this a big deal, like seriously I get it that it ruins the image of Got7 but you have to realize that there human just like us. There are alot of people that drink under the age of 21 and just because there idols they're not aloud to live there life and have fun. He got drunk so what, he's young and he's growing up, he's bound to make mistakes sometimes. Like who hasn't said the word nigga, many people of different ethnicity have said this word many times but ofcourse it's horrible when Bambam says it. It's not like he said it to an African American, he said the word among friends. And let's face it when people learn a new language we always want to say the bad words first. And to tell the truth I don't think it was Marks friends fault, both members are of age to make there own choices and both did what they did so people need to stop blaming Marks friends for something that both members decided to do. Just accept there mistake and move on.
@SerenaArthurs @BabydollBre @raenel @sukkyongwanser @SarahVanDorn @kellyktran1022 @mayapapaya thire is a project in process Take a picture of your self doing the fly symbol and send it to 👉 👈 and title it Fly please help out and spread the word we need all true #IGOT7 to unite and protect our boys they didn't know any better... I was in the first concert amd bambam did the LA sing he immediately apologize because someone told him that was bad... I know that if someone would have told him that that word was not appropriate he would apologize and never used ot again. Please spread the word about the project. if not sure what I Mean by the post My IG account is @plz_bring_got7_cnblue_usa look at the fist picture and thats the post I'm talking about... Will you guys help? by the way I always miss when someone trys to talk tonme here I still don't get it so if you need more info please talk to me on my Instagram Thank you so much for supporting GOT7😍😙😙
poor guys I hate that they have to go through all this. we need to let them know that we support them even when other people are being immature.
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