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Every time I go through a bad breakup or are feeling like my life needs a change in direction, I end up dying my hair some atrocious color - which, for dark hair, is usually every color because some of us can't dye our hair without it coming out kind of orange.

Do you do anything with your hair when you're sad or stressed? If not, what's your stress-relieving method?

um I work more lol
Change my hair, makeup style. Basically, everytime I'm upset, I'm a reborn into a new person.
i eat cookie dough or doughnuts while listening to music my kpop feel good songs and watching anime for days straight. i typically gain about 6 pounds for those 2 or 3 days.
@danidee Same. I also spend too much at Wish when I'm stressed
I don't know why I take it out on my hair like I do...I seem to completely forget that I love my hair long and hate it short...but I chop it all off. I go from Cousin It to Sinead O'Connor in an hour flat. <<sobs>>
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