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Every time I go through a bad breakup or are feeling like my life needs a change in direction, I end up dying my hair some atrocious color - which, for dark hair, is usually every color because some of us can't dye our hair without it coming out kind of orange.

Do you do anything with your hair when you're sad or stressed? If not, what's your stress-relieving method?

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Let's say a friend betrayed me. The way how I would cope with that stress is to draw myself (like actually draw myself) in a better position than them to basically feel better about myself for the time being. For example, I'd draw myself surrounded by good people to forget about the bad people.
@LaceChic1 kpop is life
@noodleplant it really does take over your life. i just accidently found one mv. now kpop, anime, and cooking is my life.
@noodleplant my fiance is not a fan boy. but supports my fangirling to certain point. he gives me the looks as in the memes for it. kpop ruined my life while making it better.