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Hello! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I just thought of a really cool idea to get to know everyone better through talking about drama. So, here's the first small challenge for the community...
Not all leading characters end up together. We have seen dramas where couples break up or separate at the end of the show. So, among all the taiwanese dramas you've seen, which couple withstand the test of "through thick and thin?

Got a power couple in mind?

Nominate your favorite on-screen couple! -- it's super easy ;)

1. Make a card and share a picture, gif, or video of the power couple.
2. List the Drama name and write a sentence about their chemistry.
Don't forget to follow this format, so we know it's an entry.
Title of the Card: Power Couple: ________ & _________

That's it! After counting the entries, the power couples will be announced by the end of this week!

If you're tagged, don't be pressured to participate! It's just for fun. ;D
Well you already included my favorite couple in this card. I am definitely going to make a card today!
@biancadanica98 yay! 👌
@KpopGaby Looking forward to it =)
Omg you know my fave couple!! You bet I'll do this!!