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Hello everyone welcome to the first Moonbin day!! Are you excited? I know I am!

First up let's learn a little bit about our boy Moonbin!


His full name is Moon Bin, surname Moon and given name Bin. But his stage name is usually stylized as Moonbin.
He was born on January 26th, 1998. So he's 18 years old (19, Korean Age.)
He has an eye smile for days.
Him and iKON member Jung Chanwoo are childhood friends.
He is a dancer and vocalist of Astro. (He sometimes raps.)
He has acted before. (All of the Astro members have, check out their drama To Be Continued.)
He was a child model when he was younger and also an Ulzzang.

Now onto some of Bin's aegyo!!

Seriously he's too cute!!
That's it for this weeks card. Look forward to next weeks card! ;) Hint: It's about something Binnie enjoys doing a lot!
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@ChaErica Wow! they are so young
Moonbin? Is he the maknae of Astro?
@Isolate I know that's how he got to me!!!
gah bin is seriously wrecking me lately 😣😣😣😣
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