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Ok so mostly everyone knows what has happened and what's going etc but if you don't I'll tell you from what I have heard. So marks dad in celebration of the ending of there American tour he make a party to celebrate of course so marks friends "Andrew" and "Wendy" put a snapchat of the party (because they where there) so they put a snapchat of a supposed "drunk" yugeom I'm not for sure that he was drunk because I did not watch the video ( they delete after 24hrs) and a snap chat.. And Bambam he said the "n" word Well I don't really know if they took a snapchat of it or if you could hear it in the background (again did not watch it 😀) My opinion is this... For yugeom a lot of underage drinking happens in the states and they aren't really charged for it (unless they are caught 😈) but he is an idol which puts him in a completely different category. Guys idols are people too they can have fun but it's just that for me it kinda sends a bad message to younger fans (please don't kill me I'm an IGOT7 too... Don't kill your own kind 😭) yet again if you knew they where idols then why would you post something like this that can damage there career? On Bambams using the n word I've been to Japan and to Thailand before and taught my roommates a little bit of English and I was really surprised that they didn't know what it meant exactly also that would its "you" in Korean so you don't what he meant exactly. Also to be honest I'm kind of disappointed I came back from a vacation to only find drama in my top fandoms ( ARMY , and IGOT7) I don't like to point out things like this but I wanted to because they have been getting at lot of death threats on social media which is completely uncalled for. Mistakes always happen they are human too, also marks tattoo... A lot of idols have them he's an adult if he wants one go ahead I will not butt in ( I most likely will to see how hot he looks) because I want them to be free like the wind. I don't think they have JYP to worry about because they will come home to this guy
@NydiaEdwards yeah there are a few out there who are firm in the fact that if your not black you shouldn't say it but I've learned if you hang out with people long enough your vocab kind of mixes with theirs and so many different ethnicitys at least where I'm at say because the majority of the ppl they hang out with are black so it just kind of got slipped in there. He was probably just trying to fit in its clear he didn't mean offense by it so this huge blow out is really unnecessary. He apologized even though I felt like he didn't really have to but he did so I hope people will lighten up on him. He just needs like a black person tonsil down and explain the three rules to using that word then he'll understand.
@BabydollBre I actually met like a couple black people getting mad at bambam it upset me he didn't say it in an offensive way at all.
When BamBam was saying the "n" word, could he have been saying the korean word that just sounds like the "n" word?
I've watched the video a bunch of times and it sounds like he said Niga and he may have actually been trying to say 'nigga' (I'm black don't worry) because his accent was coming out strong when he said it. now there were a few of marks friends in the background calling him over and you could hear the word 'nigga' Like twice more so it's not like Bam bam would know he's not supposed to say it especially when everyone else around him is saying it. I only had a problem when I heard someone pronounce the n word with an 'er'. The context in which he used it though was correct, he was referring to him as a friend. I don't think ppl realize the n word pronounced with an 'er' is twice as offense and has a completely different meaning than the one pronounced with an 'a'. Again he probably didn't know he maybe shouldn't say it but black ppl always let their non colored friends say it they don't care but they don't care because they're aware of how to use it and when to use. If bam bam did say it idc I'm fine with that. I honestly don't care about bam bam drinking. he's legal in Korea he probably didn't know the legal age here. he's allowed to let loose it's not like he would've posted those pics himself. Marks so called friends should've known better.
maybe it was I in Korean
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