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How many shows did you manage to keep up with during the Spring season? I think, in the end, I only watched 3 or 4 fully, so I've been seeing what else I should take the time to watch & found this video.

Here's the list, if you don't feel like watching (though the video gives insight into WHY you should watch which shows) which starts around 3:19:

5) Space Patrol Luluco & Donkatsu DJ
4) Re:Zero
3) Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless
2) Mayoiga
1) Flying Witch

What anime of Spring 2016 do you think deserves to be watched?

Sansha Sanyou! And Kiznaiver!!
I haven't seen any of these yet. I know what I'm doing this weekend 馃槀
Where's Netoge?
Luluco? I watched episode 1 & barely made it thru it. Found it to be like Shin-chan, but dumbed down.
@Colonellinguis I think most people who would like netoge probably watched it when they heard about it XD