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It had a little bit of a hang cliffer, lol but I'm sure people know where it's leading! Maybe? No? Oh, well your about to find out!
(editing taking place :) )


“Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, please don’t kill me” Trinity chanted.
“Kill? Oh no dear god, kill me first just don’t take my organs. I smoke you don’t want my organs they are bad anyway and I’m full of toxins, I’m american, we eat grease!” Ari told her kidnapper.
The shoulder she was on started shaking and than she was thrown into the van and landed on something soft.

“Hi!” A voice said extremely chipper. She recognized that voice!
“Your full of toxins?” The guy who was just carrying Ari laughed.
“You were okay with getting killed?” Jin questioned from further in the van.
“Verses getting my organs taken out while I was alive yes, yes I am” Ari stated.
“You butts” Trinity shouted all of a sudden as she was placed in the van placed.
“I said we would pick you up” Suga said from outside the van.
“I didn’t mean specifically picking us up off the ground” she stated.
“You could have just yelled out ‘hey girls-”
“No no, trin trin, we would have been confused and still run” Ari cut her off.
“We would have recognized them” trinity said
“Are you sure about that? If two people on the street called out to us would we have gone 'Oh sure, let’s get in the van with them' ?” Ari said sitting up from the ground.
“If they are hot!” Trinity commented making Ari burst out laughing.
“Okay you have me there. So Trinity will get kidnapped easily and I’m going to run” Ari said than looked at her once more. “But wait, didn’t you say you wanted to kidnap a Korean boy?” she added. “It’s not supposed to be the other way around.”
“Why yes yes I did” She said creepily than turned to look at Kooki. “Are you willing to be kidnapped?” she asked.
“Um-” he looked away from her.
“Trinity we already discussed this. You can kidnap someone who looks like him, you can’t actually kidnap any member of bts. You may have a bunch of ARMY fans after you” Ari said.
“Right, guess so” she sounded so disappointed.
“Whose the least liked member in the group?” Ari asked.
They all stared at her like she had a third head.
“What, I was going to say she can kidnap him” she defended the statement.
“Take Tae” Kooki said pushing him forward.
“No, Tae tae is mine, you can have Suga, he’s strange!” J hope said pulling Tae back.
“I’m okay with that” Trinity jumped up on that.
“No Suga mine” Jimin said. “You can have Namjoon.”
“Holy crap you're bleeding” Namjoon said as he removed the mask from his mouth.
“I fell” Ari whined. “And than you hurt me” she said like a child. “Can I kidnap you since Jimin said you can be kidnapped?” She asked looking at him with doe eyes, or what she hoped was doe eyes.
“I’m sorry babe” he said as he wiped blood off her forehead with a tissue.
“Does that mean yes?” she asked. He just chuckled.
“NO no no you have to answer her. Are you willing to get kidnapped?” Trinity questioned him completely serious.
“Sure” he said as if he was saying whatever.
“Okay now that's clear, can I kidnap Jin?” Trinity asked.
“Wait wait no, you were kidnapping me. I agreed to that” Suga said. She looked over at him.
“ Okay” she said chipperly. “Yes now we have Namjoon and Suga. You guys can replace them. Or just be a five member group” she pumped her fist in the air.
“Wait no, you can’t take bts apart. We'll just have to take the whole group” Ari said from the floor of the van.
“Your right!’ She shouted just as she heard screams.

“I think we’ve been spotted” The driver said.
“Holy crap you have a driver” Ari said noticing this.
“looks like we are kidnapping you girls first” Jin said as Ari was squished next to him and Namjoon sat next to her. Trinity was in the back between kooki and Suga and she was clutching onto Suga’s arm.
“Do I say thank you for kidnapping me?” Trinity questioned Suga.
“You can?” he made it sound like a question.
“Technically we're not getting kidnapped considering we know them. If we didn’t know them we may be freaking out and trying to claw our way out of this van. Granted Trin trin you have a better chance because unlike me your not injured” Ari said from in front of her.
“Now your just being dark and twisted Ari, Stop it just stop it” Trin said. “Don’t ruin this for me” she hissed.
“How were you hurt?” Namjoon asked.
“Oh I fell trying to get her to give me a piggy back ride” She said nonchalantly.
“Why didn’t she give you a piggy back ride?” he questioned. “I would have given you one” he added.
“Why thank-”
“No nuh uh. She fell way before she even got to me” Trinity cut in saying what really happened. “You tripped over the gravel and did it to yourself.” She added.
“ She pushed me!” Ari said.
“I wasn’t anywhere near you!” Trinity called back.
“You pushed me off the bed!” Ari shot back.
“You two slept together?” Jimin questioned.
“No, we were up playing games and my phone fell off the bed and than she pushed me off the bed!” Ari explained.
“I was trying to pull you up but it ended up pushing you off the bed” Trinity said.
“We’re here” The driver cut the conversation off.
“We should get you a couple bandaids for your head” Namjoon said.
“When we get inside” Ari nodded. “I would appreciate that considering I have blood trickling down my cheek” She added wiping away the blood.
“Do you have a towel?” He had turned to someone else and all of a sudden a towel was thrust in her face.
“Gee thanks. That’s so kind of you” Ari said taking it from the offered hand and pressing it to her face.

After wiping the blood the guys started getting out of the van. Once some people close by recognized who they were and started to scream in excitement.
“Oh crap how are we going to get out of this?” Ari questioned.
“You two might want to go in between us” Namjoon said as a couple of them started running towards the door. Trinity didn’t think twice and headed straight towards the door in a slight skippy run.
“So you guys can protect us if we go in between you?” Ari questioned.
“Yes” Namjoon nodded.
“Okay and do you think I can keep up without tripping?” Ari questioned Namjoon which made him laugh. “I’ll walk on my own, or just leave me in the van. I’m good with that too” she added.
“Oh no if your staying in the car than I’m stuck in here with you” Jin said with a chuckle. “I don’t have a problem with that” he added with a wink.
“Oh I’m up for it!” Ari went along with it. “It means I won’t fall for them.” she said than laughed at her mistake. “Oh no-” She started.
“Only person you can fall for is me” Namjoon said with a grin before he was getting out of the van and making his way to the entrance.
“Oh no he didn’t” Jin said making Ari burst out laughing.
“I can’t believe Trin trin missed that” ari mumbled to herself.
“You better get out before I have to carry you out” Jin whispered a little to close to Ari’s ear. A shiver went up her spin and all of a sudden she was moving.
“I’m out I’m out. I fall it’s all on you, or you better keep me from falling” she said just as she was about to fall on the first step to get out of the van. She caught herself before she did and in the process Jin had pressed his hand to the nape of her neck in an attempt to hold onto her. It sent another shiver down her spine, for a different reason.
Namjoon turned back at the wrong time because from his point of view it probably looked like he was pushing her out of the van, plus she still had dried blood on her forehead. His face became so stricken that she couldn’t even laugh.
Before he said anything Ari walked briskly out and past him to the doorway. She didn’t looked at namjoon but she felt his presence as she walked, he was so close to her.
“He didn’t push you out did he?” Namjoon asked as soon as the door shut behind Jin.
“No, I tripped on the last step of the van” she said.
“Ari” Trinity came over and asked. “Where are we?” She turned to look at Namjoon.
“We are at the amusement park” Kooki said.


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