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Good morning everyone!

And welcome to the fiction segment of Turn-Up Thursdays!
Here is the next chapter of this fanfiction and let me tell you... THINGS HAPPEN.
Just kidding...not really... ; ) ENJOY!
Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I gotchu~

Chapter 4 - 'Pabo'

Fingers fumbling with my phone to shut off my alarm, I was even more rudely awakened by a loud voice.
"Y/N! Get your butt down here this instant!" My mom screamed from downstairs. I groaned in my bed.
It's only 7 in the morning and she is already screaming...
Omo. Did she find out about the detention? NO.
I suddenly bolted upright, scared at the thought.
"Y/N!" She yelled even louder than before making me jump.
"C-Coming!" I responded, terrified for my life. I quickly crawled out from under my covers and walked down the steps to find her giving me the 'I know what you did' look with her arms crossed in front of her. She was holding her cell phone in her hand, confirming my assumption.
Oh goodness. Here we go.
"What is this?" She waved the phone at me.
"Your...cell phone?" I asked, trying to avoid the matter at hand.
"I mean the message on it. You got DETENTION?!?!"
"Mom! Don't scream! The neighbors will think you are abusing me again!" She hit me, ignoring what I had just said, causing a yelp from me.
"Yah! How could you get detention?!" She screamed, continuing to bruise me.
"It wasn't - OW! - all my - STOP! - fault!" I tried to explain as I ran away from her.
"Then who's was it?! I will find them and personally hurt them!!"
"It was our new neighbor Hakyeon! He was trying to ditch and when he tried to run from me, I went after him and tried to stop him. But, we ended up destroying the school garden so we got detention and now we have to fix it!" I responded, rambling.
She stopped and stared at me.
"O-Oh." She quickly fixed her hair and shirt, embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I didn't-"
"Well, you didn't give me a chance to explain!" I walked to the refrigerator and pulled out some left-over pancakes to ease my hunger from running around so early. I quickly put them on a plate and shoved it in the microwave as my mom just stared at me.
"Y/N. I am sorry. I should have asked you first." She slowly stepped towards me.
"But detention is still a big thing! It goes on your permanent record."
"I know." I sighed. "I was devastated when I found out I would have it but there is nothing I can do except fix the mess I made." The microwave beeped and I opened the door and carefully grabbed the hot plate of pancakes. I grabbed the bottle of syrup nearby and went and sat down at the dinner table, my mom still hovering.
"Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked.
"Just to not hit me again." I laughed, causing her to do so as well.
"Deal. And as an apology, I will make your favorite food tonight. Pork belly~" I jumped at those words.
"Really? Thank you mom!" I ran over and hugged her while my face was stuffed with pancake, quickly forgiving her for hitting me.
"Oh that's right. I forgot to tell you that Hakyeon is coming over tonight as well." I remembered, breaking away from the hug to see her face.
"The same boy who got you into detention?"
"Y-Yeah. I promised him on Monday that I would help him with class as he came in mid-semester and he doesn't know what is going on." She exhaled sharply.
"Okay. I will make sure to cook enough food so he gets some as well. When are you two coming back?"
"Hmm...I don't know...it depends on how long Leo keeps us to clean the garden today. I will text you when we are on the way back." I said, as I continued to eat my pancakes.
"Sounds good." She responded, walking over to the sink to start cleaning the dishes from last night when she stopped.
"Have I met Hakyeon before?" She suddenly asked. I pondered.
"I don't think so, why?"
"Nothing. The name just rings a bell but I can't remember why," she whispered as she picked up the plates and turned on the faucet.
I quickly finished eating and ran upstairs to take a shower to get ready for school.
After hopping out, I heard my notification go off, telling me that I had a text. I went and picked up my phone and hit read.
"I will wait for you in front of the school this morning. See you soon." - From Ken.
I smiled at his text. What a gentlemen - waiting for me. I feel so... happy I think is the word.
I then rushed to get dressed and to get my books in my bag as I headed downstairs to the door.
"Bye Mom! See you later!" I called out.
"Bye! See you when you get home!" She responded right before I shut the door. I opened and closed the gate to the street and started skipping like a six-year old when I saw Hakyeon.
"Hakyeon!" I yelled out. He turned around to see me and after he did, he quickly turned back and started to walk even faster.
Did he hear me? He looked back and saw me...
"Hakyeon!" I continued to call out as I started chasing him down the street when he started sprinting.
I eventually caught up to him, pulling on his arm to bring us both to a stop.
"Hakyeon...Why were...you running away...from me?"
"Oh, Y/N! That was you," He chuckled, looking nervous as he spoke. "I thought it was a c-creeper or something." I wasn't buying it.
"Uh-huh. Sure...Did I do something? Are you still mad about yesterday? I am sorry about your ey-"
"No. I am not mad at you. N-Nothing like that." He said, quickly removing his arm from my grasp. "W-we should get going or we are going to be late."
"But-" Before I could finish, he started speed-walking to the school again.
Weird. Maybe he is still mad. Man, I hate it when people are mad at me.
I guess I will just have to get him to forgive me! And I know exactly how to do so...
I smiled to myself as I started skipping again, following after him as we both headed to school.
Upon reaching the school, I saw Ken out of the corner of my eye as he stood in front of the entrance.
He was looking around and when he spotted me he started waving, completely ignoring the girls that were surrounding him.
I waved back and ran towards him, still smiling like a fool.
"Morning~" I said, as I got to him.
"Morning. How did you sleep?"
"Good. Passed out like a light. What about you?" I answered as we started to walk into the school, side-by-side.
"I didn't sleep much. It's a bad habit of mine. I tend to stay up late thinking about things." He responded, giving me a small smile.
"Like what?" I pried further.
"Like school. And meetings. And..."
"And?" I repeated as I leaned close to him, waiting for a specific answer.
"And...what I should have for lunch the next day." He finished, laughing at my disappointed face when he didn't say he couldn't sleep because of me.
"Okay. I see how it is!" I pouted.
"Ah come on." He nudged my arm. "You were on my mind last night. I just wanted to see your reaction." I couldn't help but smile at his words, but I tried to hide it, playing off that I was still mad.
"Well you weren't on mine!"
"Liar!" He said as he pointed at me.
"Ani~. I didn't even think about you once. I'm serious." I told him slowly. He just laughed in response.
We were almost to the classroom when he changed the topic.
"So, I heard that you got detention yesterday." He started. I sighed.
"Yeah. All for trying to make sure someone didn't ditch. And destroying the garden."
"Leo was definitely not happy. He walked in and he looked like he was either about to cry or rip someone apart. It was really scary." He cringed at the thought.
"You should have seen it after school. He scared the hell out of Hakyeon and I and threatened to kill us and use our dead bodies for his soil!" I told him.
"Really? Daebak. That is the first time I have heard him get so upset."
"He definitely loves his garden. And now we have to work until it is completely fixed. We think that it is going to take us the rest of the week to do, but it would be better if we finished it sooner. The thought of Leo watching over us for multiple hours four days in a row creeps me out."
He nodded, agreeing that Leo was not one to mess with.
"Well, this is where I leave you." He abruptly stopped as we had reached my homeroom.
"Okay. I will see you later." I smiled.
"For lunch?" He asked. I pondered.
"Maybe not today. I want to eat with my friends, so it seems like I am not leaving them for you all the time."
"Aww, okay. I will text you then!" He said, starting to walk away.
"Bye!" I called out, waving as he left. I sighed, sad that he was gone when I saw that he stopped.
He quickly turned around and came running back to me. I was flustered and when he was in front of me, making my heart beat.
"Why did you-"
In a split second I felt his lips on my head, as he gently pecked it, leaving a burning sensation when he leaned back and smiled at me.
I immediately became red and embarrassed at the gesture and at the fact that everyone was now staring at us.
"See you later." He whispered, his face close to mine once again before he pulled back and winked at me, making me almost keel over.
He turned around once more and proceeded to walk away to class.
I put my hand up to my forehead to the spot that was still burning as I tried to process what had just happened.
I stumbled into class, my classmates oohing and aahing at what Ken did.
I went and sat at my seat, dazed.
"What was-"
"Shh," I silenced Hongbin. "L-Let me just take a second to get myself back together." I breathed in and out, recollecting my thoughts when the bell rang.
I quickly bolted up as the teacher walked in, calling out the greeting for the day.
I sat back down and despite the wondering looks of Hongbin and the glare I could feel at the back of my head, I just smiled like a fool, giggling to myself as the day began.
"What! He did that yesterday!" Hongbin called out, choking on his food as I explained to him everything that happened.
"Yeah. So after Ken made me upset, this fool," I pointed at Hakyeon who rolled his eyes. "Was like 'Oh we should ditch!' and after he ran away from me I went after him and we ended up destroying the garden and getting detention. Hence why I had to ask you to go the meeting for me yesterday. Thank you again for that." He nodded, absorbing in everything I was telling him.
"Daebak. You got detention? The world must be ending or something." He chuckled. I glared at him.
"Oh shut it. So now we have to fix the garden to make up for the mess we made." I sighed.
"Either fix it or die by Leo's hands." Hakyeon added.
"He is so scary Hongbin. Like seriously. Don't get on his bad side." I explained.
"Good to know. Well I wish I could help you guys but I have tutoring after school."
"Its okay. I would feel bad if you helped us anyway since you weren't involved in it."
"Yeah, don't worry about it. We can do it. But if we don't show up to class the next day, please call the police. Leo most likely killed us." Hakyeon said, making all of us laugh.
"So, after what happened this morning, I am guessing you forgave Ken?" Hongbin asked, interested.
"Kind of. I don't know. He apologized a lot last night and he asked me to give him another shot and I said that I would. I would tell you guys why but I don't know if I should share what he told me." I said, shoving chips into my mouth."I am still upset, don't get me wrong, but I thought, 'If he took the time to call and apologize like 50 times then he must mean it. What could giving him another chance hurt.'"
"Well he could hurt you - again for one thing." Hakyeon said. "I swear if he does something, I will rip his little-"
"Woah, someone is a little fiesty." I said, taken back.
"I just don't want you to cry again for that idiot. If he hurts you again, I will tell Leo that he is going to dig up the garden and kill all his flowers and he will go kill him for me." I laughed at the thought.
"Really though. If something happens, let us know, okay?" Hongbin asked, his voice full of worry.
"Everything will be okay guys, I promise." I said, smiling at them. The bell then rang, signaling that lunch was over.
"Back to class we go." I sighed.
"Ugh, please let the lecture be interesting." Hakyeon whined.
"Maybe the teacher is sick or something. That would nice for a change. We would have a study period." Hongbin agreed as we got up to throw our plates away.
"Fat chance. The teachers here are never sick. It's like they are superhuman or something." I said, not hoping for anything.
I turned around and started to follow them back to class, when I ran face first into a pole by the trash can, causing me to fall backwards on my butt.
"Ouch!" I cried out, rubbing at the spot on my head.
Hakyeon and Hongbin came running over to check on me.
"Are you okay?" Hongbin asked nervously.
"Pabo." Hongbin laughed.
I stopped.
"What did you say?" I asked, bewildered at what I just heard.
"I said that-"
"You are a pabo."
"You are always running into things."
A little boy suddenly flashed into my vision as I heard the words in my head.
Who is that?
"Come on-" Hakyeon started, reaching out to me.
"Let's get you up." The little boy finished, mimicking what Hakyeon was doing.
I just stared at him, completely lost at what I was seeing and hearing right now.
What is happening?


First Ken kissing her forehead and now she is having a flashback?
What will happen next?! Make sure to find out next week, when the next chapter comes out! ;)
Thanks for reading as always guys! Love you! XOXO
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Yay she is getting her memories back! I bet Ken isn't so bad now that he knows she isn't into him bc of status....I hope.
That flashback!!! Will she get her memory back? Why did her "mom" aunt hit her?
I just squealed!!!!!!!❣❣❣❣❣
Ken or Hakyeon? I know what my choice would be, but I can't wait to see how this goes!
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