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Alrighty now that it's almost been a full 24hrs here ya go another chapter....I would have had it up earlier but today I worked a longer shift.....if you missed the last chapter by @SweetDuella click here for Part 11
"Sarah!" She was greeted by Tae hugging her. She laughed "Hey bestie" She hugged back. "No tae you let her go she's here for me" Jimin said pulling her away from Tae. "She’s my best friend not yours." Tae said pulling her back towards him. "Ok guys seriously she's here for me." Kookie finally made his appearance. "Is that true?" Tae said giving Sarah a sad look. "Um...I did come to see him, but I’m here for you as well." "So you can spend time with Kookie later." Jimin said and pulled me towards the kitchen. "No Jenni?" Namjoon said as we walked in the kitchen. "No she's embarrassed about the date thing." "Man...She doesn't need to be embarrassed. “ Namjoon said and started texting. Kookie snuck up behind Sarah. "Can we talk?" His breath hit her neck and she shivered. "Yea." As they were walking away Sarah was texting Jenni trying to get her to come over for Namjoon. " you not like just me?" She put her phone away and looked at Kookie confused. "What are you talking about?" he shut the door. "I listened to your show, why didn't you say anything about me?" "I...." She started "I didn't like you wanting to go on a vacation with just Jimin." He quickly added "Are you jealous?" She asked tilting her head to the side. "No...Definitely not. I am way better than Jimin." "Well...ok then. Technically I did I talked about our date....but I figured I shouldn't just show love to you on the show." "I get that...but...." "Did you look up the lyrics to the song I suggested?" she wanted to know if he actually understood what the lyrics meant. "Yea...although I don't really understand English I kind of get it." "I can help teach you if you'd like." She smiled knowing that if he said yes they'd be spending a lot of time together. "That would be great." He smiled. “Whose room is this?” She finally asked “It’s mine and Namjoon’s.” “Ooo which bed is yours?” She took a step closer to the lower bed. “The bottom one.” He pointed and Sarah jumped on it and laid down. “Oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m lying where you lay!” Sarah laughed and quickly went under the covers. “You know that should be creepy but for some reason it’s so cute when you do it.” He pulled out his phone and took a picture. “Hey!” “What I need to save this as my back ground.” He quickly put it as his background and showed me. “Fine because I do look cute I’m ok with it…. Do you want to join me?” Sarah said and after a second Kookie’s face went red. “Um… I..” he started. “Oh my gosh Kookie I’m sorry that’s not what I was saying… Oh geez lets go back to the others.” Sarah quickly got out of the bed; she had unintentionally made things awkward. She quickly walked out of the room and ran into the kitchen. “What were you two doing in there?” Hoseok said nudging Sarah “Nothing, just talking.” “Suuure. Hey Kookie why is your face so red?” Hoseok said quickly and Sarah hit him in the arm. “I….” Kookie looked at Sarah then looked down. “Nothing.” Sarah finally pulled her phone out again when she sat next to Tae. Sarah read the text from Jenni and then looked at Kookie who was looking at her. "Kookie what do I do?" She mouth to him "About what?" he mouthed back; She held up her phone and in a second Kookie was next to her reading her phone. "So what should I do....I don't think she should be alone with him...he's good at getting what he wants." She whispered. "Does he want Jenni?" he whispered back "Honestly I'd say yes. She just never really cared about guys so she doesn’t really notice when they are hitting on her.” Sarah was glad to have something to get over the awkwardness between them. “What are you two whispering about” Tae whispered to them. “Jenni.” Sarah whispered. “Let’s tell him.” Kookie said “What if we don’t and we just go there and…” “I don’t know what you guys are talking about but he needs to know if it has anything to deal with Jenni” Tae added. “Exactly he really likes her” Kookie nodded “Ok…. Let me do something first.” Sarah Pulled out her phone and was going to text Dominic. Thankfully Dominic was easy to handle and he gave Sarah the directions to the place. “Namjoon” Kookie said looking at Namjoon who was still staring at his phone. “What?” he snapped “Dude chill what’s wrong?” “She says she’s busy all of a sudden. What can just happen? Sarah do you know?” He asked looking at Sarah with pleading eyes. “Actually that is what we wanted to tell you. Jenni ran into an old friend and we need to go there now.” “Guy or Girl?” “Guy.” “Let’s go details in the car.” He said throwing the keys at Jin. “We are all going. And Jin you’re driving.” They all ran after him and quickly got in the car. Things were going to get intense when they got there. Jenni would end up getting a surprise she didn’t expect.
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