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I bet that whoever did this ended up being able to take home the whole tray. (Ah, yes. Delicious victory.)

How do you protect your food from other people?

Personally, I just hide it in a place I don't think they'll be able to find it.
lolol. there was a girl in elementary school who had the best colored pencils, so naturally everyone wanted to borrow them. she got smart (or crazy?) and licked them. no one ever touched them again.
how do I hide my food? I usually don't. if I bought it, I eat it now, not later. but if were talking about skills for the bills, I have been known to find all the hiding places for all the food my family ever brought home. the only things I can't find are those in front of my face. but that ice cream behind the turkey and chicken in the back of the freezer? I see you over there
@YongRaviZiMon my friends would still eat it....
Well, first I take a little sticky note. And then I Take a little sharpy...and then I write a little note saying..."I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP IF YOU EAT THIS!!!" And that usually does the trick. Lol
@danidee Exactly. I mean, she already baked it in, the heat from the oven already killed the germs. And I've eaten at questionably clean restaurants and people's houses, so I've probably eaten worse.
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