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Sweet Dreams: Woobin Spam😍💕

Before I'm off to bed wanted to treat you lovely beans to a beautiful spam as well as a little confession

some of you may not know this but although I had guys I liked when I first got into korean music , show etc. one man and one man only caused me to instantly fall head over heels for the first time in forever (cue frozen song) and that man is MR. Kim Woo Bin although I love jiyong , kimchi, loco ....matia ...Kim Woobin will forever have my heart as my first ever actor bias

so please enjoy and try not to die

First we have Kim Woo Bin with his girlfriend and one of my favorite actresses The absolutely gorgeous Daegu Venus herself Shin Min ah

when I first heard Woobin had a gf of course I was semi crushed...but as soon as I found out who it was I was the happiest bean on the planet ! these two are cuter than any words can explain ...I will forever support this relationship

this is where things will begin to heat up....you've been warned

my two favorite things in one pic

Legs for days


I have the sudden urge to go swimming

seriously is it just me or is it really hot in here

guys ....send help please ....or simply send Woobin

guys...nows your chance to turn back ....asap.....what you see next can not be unseen

___________________________________basically me after seeing this

....time to go to school and graduate asap....Woobin is waiting haha

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