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I'm Back with an update! At long last! So sorry it's taken so long, I had not meant for it to go so long. I had been so focused the other fan fic's that I had been writing. But I hope your ready for a long chapter! (By the by, when the text is bold that means she's thinking that in her head. Just wanted to explain that.)
“Lena there you are, Oh what happened?” Krystal came around the corner after the guys left and saw me sitting on the ground still. “I tripped over someone and fell” I said as I slowly got to my feet, with the help of the bookshelf as support. My leg was feeling a little better with the cold wrapped around it but it still wasn’t all better. “You should be more careful” she said. It was strange to hear her speaking in korean as I was still speaking english, technically I should really be speaking korean with her especially since I was here, But it was second nature to speak english. Maybe I should start now though so I was used to it. Than again it was only my first night of course- “Ah I’m over thinking” I said ruffling my hair with one hand. “About what?” Krystal asked as she grabbed my arm so we walked arm and arm and I could lean on her as I walked. We went to the register so she could pay for her books she found. “I was thinking about language. How I should be speaking korean instead of english” I told her making her laugh. “Don’t worry, you give me a chance to use english and have conversation” she smiled. “Plus given time you’ll just start speaking korean without even realizing it” she added. “Is that how you are?” I asked. She thought about it for a moment as the lady rang her up and put the books in a bag. “I think so, I was practicing in anticipation of you being here” she admitted. I laughed. “I was brushing up on my korean before I got here” I admitted as well. “For a while there I was talking to Him-chan in korean, and Ji Lyn” I told her. After leaving the book shop we walked back to the boarding house. Slowly we did so. My shin was still hurting. When we got back to the house Miche and Ginny were camped out on the couch watching another drama that sucked them in. As much as I wanted to join them I was starting to get tired. It was close to nine at night but it felt more like two in the morning, which made since considering my time at home would have been seven a.m in the morning. “Hey I just realized. I traveled in time” I laughed. “At home it would be seven in the morning but here its nine at night” I explained. It made Krystal laugh. “You have to be tired” she said as I nodded. “I’ll help you put the bedding down” she said following me up the stairs. “It’s okay, I can do it. I’m probably going to have enough energy to spread the blankets and than just fall onto them” I told her as we entered the room I was using. She laughed. “I’ll do it for you” she said being polite. So as I went and changed into flannel pajama bottoms and a tank top Krystal put the mat out on the floor and covered it in blankets. When I got back to the room it was all laid out and ready. “Thank you Krystal” I said. We said night to each other and I was left to crawl under the blankets and burrow myself away. In a second of thought I went through my bag and pulled out my old Tigger stuffed animal and my panda to snuggle with, panda ended up being a pillow because the one I was using was so thin. I snuggled with my Tigger and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up. I was warm, snuggled up in a blanket. My eyes were still closed as I searched for my phone to shut the alarm I had off. It was making the sounds of a rainforest, soothing but one that was annoying. A groan was heard and I shifted opening my eyes. I turned the alarm off and saw the time was seven twenty. My first alarm going off. There was another groan when I turned over and rolled into something hard. Was I against the wall? I thought to myself. I felt around without opening my eyes, dear me I didn’t want to get up yet. I still had forty minutes before I had to get up. Something moved and I felt something pull me closer to the warm wall. My eyes popped open. “Holy Hell” I gasped before squirming around and moving away from the guy who apparently was sleeping next to me. I was awake, fully awake now. The first thing my eyes landed was a shirtless body, I couldn’t even see his face as his hair covered it up. It wasn’t until he sat up and ran his hands through his hair pushing. When I could see his face the guy was glaring at me. What did I do? I was here first! “Who are you?” I questioned first in korean. He gave me an annoyed look as he leaned back against the wall and looked at me. “Who are you?” he questioned back. “I asked first!” I shouted, maybe a little to loudly because even I winced at my own voice. “Su Ho Kim” he said. “That explains so much” I said exasperated. This was not the way to start a day off. “Friend of Chin Hae” he added. “Which is?” I questioned than I thought for a second “He’s the forth person who lives here” I answered my own question. “This room empty yesturday” he said “Well it’s not anymore. Besides when you came in hadn’t you seen someone was here?” I questioned. By this point I was fully talking in korean and when it dawned on me, I felt kind of proud. The transition of it was very swift. But when he had first looked at me annoyed at english I had switched and had been able to keep it up. “It was dark” he shrugged. “Well now it’s not. Get out!” I told him. At that point the door opened and a tall guy who had red hair stood at the doorway. “What are you yelling over?” the guy questioned. “Chin Hae, your new roommate is here” Su Ho Kim said. Chin Hae dropped his head and laughed. “I forgot about that” he said after a long pause of hearing him laugh. “Come on bro, go sleep in my room” he said as he went over and gave Su Ho Kim a hand up. They left the room leaving me by myself. I wasn’t going back to sleep that was for sure. I sighed and looked at the time. Seven thirty. Great. “Might as well get dressed” I sighed. Maybe I would just go early and have several cups of coffee before meeting Him-chan. There was a knock at the door and than a voice asking to come in. I wrapped the blanket around my shoulders and told them they could come in. Chin Hae stood there staring down at me. “Sorry about Su Ho I had not told him we have company” he spoke in english sounding very respectful. Well he seems nice. I smiled at that and nodded. “Thanks for that” I told him. “I’m Lena by the way” I told him with a slight wave of my hand. “I’ll be staying for the next 2 months” I told him. His eyes widened for a second before going back to a soft blank look. “You need job?” he asked. That took me off guard, why would I need a job if I was visiting and on vacation. “I do not” I told him. “I am on vacation” I added. “School?” he questioned in English. It dawned on me that in korea there school year was a lot different than my own. As we got two months off in the summer time they had a couple of weeks in between terms but no big break. “I’m done with school. Just graduated” I told him not wanting to explain the differences in our school systems. That seemed to hard and didn’t need to go down that path. “Okay” he nodded. “I see you” he said before turning and leaving. Well that was nice of him. More speaking than I thought he would do. I thought to myself. I ended up getting up and getting ready for the day. No use going back to sleep now that I was awake. I changed into pants and a plan sky blue tank top over a white shirt. It felt summertime in my mind. I brushed my short hair and got the knots out. Slinging my purse around my shoulder I left the boarding house, one last look at my phone to check the message Him-chan left me telling me what coffee shop to go to. It was a place called ‘Flower Cup’. When I got there it was eight thirty. I had walked there versus taking a bus or taxi. With gps on my phone I was able to find it easily thank goodness for technology. There was still an hour before I met him, but that was alright I could sit and read for a while before he came. At the front counter I stared at the menu. It was all in korean and I had a little trouble figuring out what to order. “May I help you?” The lady behind the counter asked in korean. It took me a minute to give up with the menu and just ask if they served iced coffee. She answered yes and so I got a large with a shot of milk and caramel added. Once my order was placed I looked around for a place to sit. There was several tables and than a couch with a coffee table in front of it. I didn’t want to occupy the entire couch so I opted to sit at a table in the corner facing out towards the street and looking towards the door, so my back was against the wall. The lady called my drink out and I got up to get it than sat back. Pulling out my book from my bag I started to read. It was a paranormal series I had been reading. There was only a chapter or two left I had to finish and I was excited I got to read it. I was giggling and trying to hold it back as I got through the first chapter and was just about to find out who the culprit was when a chair squeaked across from me and than a shadow was over me. My eyes were glued to the book, I didn’t want to take my gaze off my book, but it would be rude to ignore the presence in front of me, not to mention to be unaware of my surroundings. Which in fact, I had done. With force I willed my gaze away from the book and up to the person directly across from me. My heart dropped. I went through a series of emotions. Book still opened with one hand the other moved around as I squealed than made a fist and pounded it on the table, not hard just like if I was clapping my hands together. When that reaction was over I moved on to giggles and my chest started to unclench. My eyes squeezed shut and I laid my hand on the table until I was calmed down. I heard a chuckle from him and I opened my eyes. “That is one hell of a reaction” he said. “Very cute” he gave me a thumbs up. I narrowed my eyes at him. “You came early” I accused him. “And interrupted me as I was reading” I added. It was the whole reason for the significant emotions displayed. Because he interrupted my book. It made him laugh even harder. “Don’t laugh at me” I said putting a bookmark in my book and finally shutting it. A little mournful that I wasn’t going to get to finish until a lot later. “You are early too” he noticed. “I unwillfully got up earlier than I thought I would” I told him before taking a sip of my coffee. I sigh escaped me as the coffee hit home. “How so?” he asked. “The other roommate had a friend over and apparently he had forgotten I was there so his friend ended up in my room. Woke up to a scare” I told him. Him-chan’s reaction made me laugh. His eyes widened in alarm and than narrowed. A dark look crossed his face and stayed planted. “You slept with him?” he bit out. I laughed harder. “No, wait, I have a dirty mind now. No I don’t know. I woke up with him asleep next to me. Nothing happened other than that besides kicking him out of the room” I explained. It took Him-chan a second to calm himself and that dark look disappeared from his face. “Okay” he nodded at last. “So” I started but wasn’t sure what to say. It took him less time. He grabbed my coffee cup and took a sip than set it back down. My drink was now halfway gone. “Do you want to fangirl?” he questioned. I cocked my head at him. He really was Himchan from B.A.P. How the hell could I miss all the signs leading to this? How did I get in this situation? Oh god what was I doing? I questioned myself in my head. I looked up than down and at my coffee. He just stole some of my coffee. I narrowed my eyes. “I’ll forgive you for taking my coffee. That’s me being fangirl enough” I told him with a straight face. I held it all the way until he started laughing.
Well the meeting of Himchan finally happened! So exciting her reaction! lol you would think the way she acted when she had to stop reading would be a similar reaction to him. but nope apparently not. (Me, I'd be doing a happy dance and acting just like that creating such a scene lol ) So I hope you all enjoyed
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