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Serious spoilers in this video for ERASED!

SERIOUSLY! Like she's going to tell you absolutely everything that happens XD But don't worry - you can still watched ERASED even if you watch this, because this just boils down the plot do the bare bones & doesn't give you any of the parts of the anime that are really enjoyable :P
((and before you ask me YES that is this youtuber's real voice, I looked into it because I couldn't get over how cute she sounds ><))
I really loved the part of the this tl;dr when she mentioned that Kayo getting married to someone other than Satoru "made people on the internet mad because their ships suck" because it's so true! I honestly never expected them to end up together, because I was always rooting for Airi in the future, but I was just.....amused I guess? at the large number of people who ended up hating Kayo just because she didn't wait for Satoru. Sorry that she didn't wait for the other 11 year old boy who she had no real romantic relationship with? Just kidding, I'm not sorry.
I'm glad that Kayo moved on with her life. I ship Airi with Satoru from the moment they were under the bridge. *waiting for a season two*
i love her LOL version of the alphabet song (my friend who loves league showed me that)