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Have you ever had someone tell you you've got a familiar face? Well, chances are, you might actually be a doppelganger!

According to a recent study conducted by University of Adelaide forensic scientist Teghan Lucas for the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a majority of us has someone that looks exactly like us on this planet!

Cue the Orphan Black dance party.

As part of the study, Lucas recorded 4,000 distinct features on unrelated faces, and after a fair amount of calculations, concluded that 1 in 135 people has a 'twin stranger' - or a non-related person who almost identically shares our physical features.

However, here's where it gets a little more interesting.

We actually don't have to share 100% of the same exact physical features to look like a twin to someone. The human eye generally doesn't capture exact measurements, but more just a general mapping of facial features.
So even if you share only 90% of the same features as someone, people will see twins - making the probability that you have a twin stranger MUCH more likely! (In fact, almost guaranteed! But whether or not they actually live anywhere near you is another story.)

Have you ever met a person who looks exactly like you? What would you do if you ran into your clone one day?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more weird BUT TRUE studies, follow my Weird Science collection!
I made eye contact with a doppelgänger once. It was very surreal. I'm pretty sure she probably thought,' there can only be one...'
@danidee I really don't know ask her to ask my crush out probably 😂😭
@StarRainTearBow So you'd just blame all of your nefarious deeds on him?
@danidee It was an EXO one saying how there's 12 members in EXO and how science says there's 9 people in the world that look like you. Which means, there's 99 guys in the world that look like EXO, and the kick was a black woman at the end with the caption "We gonna find you"
@danidee my old high school teacher looks exactly like me just a bit older
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