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Disappointment 😔😔

Okay so I'm currently at my sister's house and we're just talking me, her and her husband's cousin (Ashley). Anyway, somehow we started talking about Pokemon.
I got excited because I know about pokemon. I thought we could finally have a fun conversation about this, until Ashley (my sister's husband's cousin) said something that upset me.
Ashley: "I like pokemon. My favorite is pikachu." Me: " Who doesn't? I like both pikachu and Ash. They are the main focus." Ashley: " Which one is that?" (as in which pokemon is he?) Me: * looks at her in shock* " Ashley, Ash is the boy. He is the main character in pokemon." Ashley: "Oh, Well I know one other guy. The green guy. What's his name....Pickle Man?"
Me: " Ashley, you mean Piccolo?" Ashley: " Yeah. That's his name." *gets all excited*
Me: " Ashley, he is not in pokemon. He is from Dragon Ball Z." Ashley: " Oh. my. god. Really? Didn't they once do it together?" (as in didn't piccolo ever appear in pokemon.) Me: * looks at her dumbfounded* " No he didn't. He never did."
Don't you just hate it when people act like they know some thing and knows nothing at all. I just felt so offended. I can't even look at her right now.
I wouldn't get offended. that's just not their priority and if its not then that's cool. I bet they know stuff you don't. and I hope I don't offend anyone when I try to get involved in a conversation simply because I'm feeling left out, and try my best to be friendly.
@deadmen0205 You're ok. lol. I wasn't really offended by it. I just thought it was a really funny situation.😊😊
HAHAHAHA Pickle Man is my favorite pokemon too.
Yeah totally, tell the whole world how "Pickle Man" was in Pokémon
lol...I hate it too
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