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I guess I could say that I'm having a huge fan service with vampires. and I couldn't stop myself from watching this show. which I tuned out to like. all tho I was kinda confused with whole insect with yuuki and kanamane. I mean come on she best chance to find her life with zero. but nooo she ditched him to go ran away with her sibling fiancce. I mean excuse my language here but wth??? manga was was better than anime, at least ending was good. but overall I did enjoy watching both season 1,2 of vampire knights. if they were make season 3 I would watched it. only thing that is missing if they put more details into way yuuki went with her brother instead zero, will she changed her mind or will zero kill her. will night class still be with them in next season, will there be possible of pregnancy or of yuuki having kids from bith zero or kanamane. this what I always looked forward to in show. to pop out more details, make people think bout and let people see feels to it as well.