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Kpop Relate 70 馃槀

Hello and happy late relateable wednesday!

I totally forgot to put this card up yesterday...MY BAD. So even though there aren't too many memes, I hope you enjoy them! XD (Credit to owners!)

Which one was your favorite?

Mine is the last one...BTS? Do you mean behind the scenes? XD Also, if you would like to be added to this taglist let me know as I would love to add you! Love you fam~ Thunder Buddies!: @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @Dianabell @sarabear1021 @twistedpuppy @ScarletMermaid @JessWang90 @narutobandgeek @nadinerzz @NasiaWright @Cutebabylay @Helixx @isabellaelliott @JaiiPanda @Isolate @CreeTheOtaku @ChubbyDumpling @kennaxx Tagging the relatists~: @sarsoosoo99 @sosoaloraine23 @Kieuseru @yeniyx23 @AlyssaGelet818 @Ercurrent @Vkookie47 @taylorthetwist @AraceliJimenez @monicacerroblan @SusiBosshammer @SierraBecerra @frisky199123 @Izab3lla @RaquelArredondo @NEOisRealo @MsLoyalHeart @EmilyGardner @ChelestiEdwards @BAbrajan1 @Eswee @SugaMint @LizaNightshade @InnocentiaKishi @swarrier16 @staceyholley @RavenQueen018 @faith92 @SassyMaknae @Jinnyrod3 @SarahVanDorn @JincyAbraham @Tipmon @Xoxojessica12 @pharmgirlerin @IsoldaPazo @conversehigh @mrsjeon @MiahCisneros @bubblekookie @Chocolat09 @sphelpswiley @OhItsJas @MaggieHolm @TaliaMay14 @DarciAragon @sarahdarwish @Justis @MRich @ItatiSanchez @UnicornSuga @Shadyllamas @Zyxzj @AmberRelynn @resavalencia @Kpossible4250 @Miyukichan @NadineEsquivel @JamiMilsap @AnnieGoodman @YviLole15 @catchyacrayon @GossamoKewen95 @SyumbiUchiha @mrsyookihyun @kanatm @Gaarita100 @AlexisCortez @otakukpoper @drummergirl691 @ESwee @Rachelwoo2 @SerenaArthurs @Xoxojessica12 @megancurrent9 @BereniceMaqueda @SummerFranz @KierstinAndrews @kookieandjin @Ercurrent @ShinoYuki @Sukii @HopeYoongi @Defy24601
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I like the one about the difference between western celebs and idols, because it is very true - and I liked the one about what I'd want to do if I met an idol in real life, but what I'd really do - because it is also true! 馃槉
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BTS? what's dat...lol don't know these strange letters Got7, Monsta X, iKON, EXO, Big Bang, for crying out loud what r those?
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Ah haha. ... Big Bang Theory, I love that show!
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I like the last one. "Who's bts? Who's Shinee? It's not 2pm..." All just stop there
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all of them they ware all great!!
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