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After watching Wolf Children recommended by a fellow Vingler, I fell in love with wolves. The animation left me with tears and heart break. Recently, I discovered a new Taiwanese drama, Prince of Wolf, which immediately caught my attention due to the Book of the Jungle and Tarzan resemblance. Most T-drama watchers are familiar with themes like family, office, fashion, hospital and school. Prince of Wolf sounds like an fresh break from the office romance, rag to riches type of plot.
I am deciding if I should jump on the bandwagon and maybe do my first live recap. I saw the trailer and thought the nature cinematography is gorgeous. I'm really anticipating what it will actually bel like watching the first the first episode.

Like staring at this CUTE WOLF.

And ABS! Btw, the main lead really looks like Chen from EXO!

Here's a really brief synopsis: The plot is about a boy who was lost at a young age and grew up with a wolf. When he encounter the first human in the forest, he mistakenly think she's his female wolf mate. The entire series will show he leaves his wolf life behind and step into the human world.

Anyone watching or planning to watch Prince of Wolf ? And if I decide to live recap, would you like to be tagged?

@P1B2Bear not sure. But it's on Viki!
@P1B2Bear It's out!!! :D
@VeronicaArtino haha what a coincidence!
Is it already out ? I need to watch this ! 馃槏
I literally added this to my list of Rama four days ago to watch and was getting ready to make a card when I saw your cae.
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