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Time for Friday's question for Nakama Intro Week, which wassss: What OP/ED would be your anime theme song? I am super pumped for this!!! Problem is, I don't know how to choose just 1 OP and 1 ED, lol XD

My OP: Connect from Madoka Magica

I want my OP to give an idea of who I am. Some with a bright surface who will try to let you just be happy & relaxed around me, but really there's some hidden undertones that I'd rather ignore or not talk about most of the time. And thus: Madoka! Lol. I really feel like this series suits me, though I will say my life isn't nearly as dramatic!
There aren't any good videos with it English subbed, so here's a few of the lyrics:
My heart awakes in order to depict the future
Even if I come to a halt on a tough road
The beautiful blue sky always waits for me
Therefore I'm not afraid
I won't be disheartened anymore no matter what happens
My friends were there when I looked back
They gave me a warm hug if they noticed
In the world where everything was distorted
This only trustable place was my salvation
Our feelings will be stronger by sharing our joy and sorrow

My ED: Flying Witch's ED "Nichijou no Mahou"

I've always felt EDs represent the true nature of a show, and also of the feeling the show will leave with you, so I'll choose a song that matches what I hope to leave with others! This song is very tranquil & hopeful. To me, it represents possible growth in the future & more happiness to come, which is what I hope to feel with everyone I know!!!

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