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It's the final day of Nakama Intro Week! :( I'm sad!! But, I'm also happy because I feel like I got to learn so much more about everyone this week. I hope you'll all keep posting lots so I can keep talking to you <3

On to today's question: who would be your life companion?

There's so many characters out there that I love, but if we're really talking about being together forever here, it's a bit harder to choose someone who would actually make a good life companion, you know? Most anime characters have some traits I'm not sure I'd want to deal with forever XD XD Anyways, my choice is....


Thanks to @VoidX, I've been watching Food Wars S1 (my feelings will be properly shared at a later time), and I have to say, I'm really digging Soma, and I think he'd actually be a fantastic person to spend your life with. Why? Because I love eating.

Just kidding, that's only part of the reason!

It's also because even though Soma seems overconfident and totally sure of his himself at times, he's a great character who wants to better himself in the name of his passions! It's hard to say if that would extend to anything beyond cooking, but anyways, I just am infatuated with Soma right now so he's my choice! I have a lot of other people I'd choose as my lift partner, but I'm also kind of hungry right now so....Sommmmaaa....

Want to meet other friends in the community?

Lol, nice. Season 2 is good so far, and I still wish I could cook like Soma.
You're welcome XD