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Say what you want about One Direction but this song is a JAM.

In the music video for "The Best Song Ever" they reference BAP for a spilt second when trying to come up with outfits for 1D...

This ended up sparking some kind of fanwar with BABYz saying that One Directioners were disrespecting BAP or something but I say WHATEVER!

They also cut out poor Zelo :'(

But really I just think this whole situation is so hilarious!

Anyone else remember this!?
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I saw this MV before I got into kpop so I had no idea 😱
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People were mad over this? lol I laughed in my sister's face because she loves One Direction and hates K-Pop and I'm the other way around. (Well, hate's a strong word for how I feel bout 1D, I'm more indifferent) but I was like seeeee they like them
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@SimplyAwkward the only thing that bothers me is that they made them wear ugly hot pink instead of bad ass red coveralls.
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There's one song I like from 1D, other then that, didn't really care for them much, BUT I'm taking a wild guess of why they only showed 5 members of BAP, because there's five members of 1D. Could be wrong, it was just a wild guess
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