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I may not be the biggest IU fan, but something about this song makes me so calm and peaceful.

I thought, since some of you are getting ready for sleep, I'd share this with you :3

What's your favorite song to fall asleep to?

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it used to be moonlight and baby don't cry from exo. as well as if you from big bang I had like a whole playlist I played while I was asleep but recently suga's song from his mixtape Far away gets me so mellowed out that I can sleep to it. I don't know why but the song makes me want to cry but it relaxes me so much it's weird
Zion.T, Tablo, Taeyang and Open Arms by EXO.
I like to put 200% by AKMU on at a low volume and just fall asleep to it. I like to listen to happy songs before I go to bed so I can have happy dreams! 😊
That's such a good idea
For me, I listen to all of the BTS skits. Some reason people talking puts me asleep. I don't even notice JHope's screaming anymore. Also, the instrument version of Beautiful Liar.♥
first of all a major yes to everything this card and song is ^^ second mostly I listen to Yiruma songs when I sleep, sometimes Immortal Songs performances as well XD