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More and more groups are traveling outside of Korea to perform and film their music videos and I absolutely love it!

Here are my 7 favorite videos (though I'm sure I'm forgetting some) that I think you should check out^^

1. IU - Peach

Filmed in Venice, Italy

2. VIXX - Only U

Filmed in Stockholm, Sweden

3. BAP - Coffee Shop

Filmed in Manhattan/Brooklyn, New York USA AND San Francisco, California, USA AND Los Angeles, California, USA

Fun fact: My friend lives in the apartment building with the clock tower behind Youngjae at 0:33...and so did Beyonce haha

4. Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake

Filmed in Palm Springs, California USA

5. Big Bang - Bad Boy

Filmed in Brooklyn, New York USA

6. BAP - Where Are You?

Filmed in London, UK

7. B1A4 - Solo Day

Filmed in Los Angeles, California USA

Can you think of a favorite MV filmed outside of Korea?

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BIGBANG - Blue was filmed in Brooklyn, NYC. BTS had an LA version of Boy in Luv. Taemin's Drip Drop & Press Your Number was filmed in LA. FUN FACT: BIGBANG Bad Boy was filmed 2 stops, on the train, away from my high school and a block away from my best friend's house.
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@Sammyjuicoooo oh yeah I forgot about that!
SO LUCKY! they got to film in Venice!? I wanna go back to Venice, it would be perfect for music videos!
One of my favorites not on this list is Destiny - Infinite; was filmed in LA