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Okay, so I'm obsessed with this song by NCT 127...I'm really obsessed with the performance video.....And the worst part....Is.... . . . . . . . . .


So people, please help me out with this!! All I know it one is named Mark and I think they are a subunit??? Right??? Help please!!
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Haha speaking of them SM just released a video on how there is going to be a new reality show called "About NCT 127" it is going to be on their V channel 馃槀 so there is going to be more of them!!
I am literally obsessed with them!! SM's CEO decided to do a project called Neo Culture Technology (NCT), the point is that various groups will be created, members could be added or any member can leave whenever they want, NCT U was the first group and NCT 127 is the second one...the way you can learn them is by watching their SM Rookie videos that they have on the SM channel or you can watch them on the V app, they have a show called NCT Life. The members in NCT U are Doyoung, Ten, Taeyong, Mark, Jaehyun...In NCT 127 the members are Taeyong, Jaehyun, Yuta (new member), WinWin (new member), Haechan (new member, but everyone who has known him from SM Rookies know him as Donghyuck), Mark, and Taeil...I hope this helps, I know all about NCT and the SM Rookies so if need more help come ask me 馃槉
NCT 127 is a Unit of NCT. More specifically the Seoul-based unit. Whereas NCT U was the unit that represents NCT as a whole. There will be more units to debut. One in Japan, China, ect. Members of NCT 127 are Taeyong (white hair-red pants), Taeil (yellowish hair-cheetah print shirt), Jaehyun (black hair-Jean onesie type thing on), And then we have Yuta (he's Japanese, he's the one with the fringy-hair and a skirt on), Mark (he's Canadian he's got the reddish hair), Haechan (the youngest of NCT 127, he's got the suspenders on), and lastly WinWin (he's Chinese, and has yellowish hair with pink in it, he's also the one who does the flip and the one who "flies" in the video.) NCT 127 and NCT U both have some of the same members (Mark, Taeyong, Taeil, And Jaehyun.) (members Ten and Doyoung from NCT U are not in NCT 127)
I also live in Indiana lol so Chicago is as close as it'll get
@ChaErica sameeee
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