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Okay, so I'm obsessed with this song by NCT 127...I'm really obsessed with the performance video.....And the worst part....Is.... . . . . . . . . .


So people, please help me out with this!! All I know it one is named Mark and I think they are a subunit??? Right??? Help please!!
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@ChaErica Yaas!!
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@ChaErica sameeee
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I also live in Indiana lol so Chicago is as close as it'll get
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I love this song too. I'm cutrently obsessed with "The 7th sense" by NCT U馃槏馃槏馃槏 it is an amazing song. I highly recommend you check it out. but yeah I've never heard of these groups and I was like "ohkay I see you guys!!" 馃槀
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@nell03 Yup, but over these day where I got all this information, I got pretty much I need to know. Like NCT U and NCT 127. The different members and which members are in the same group. And since I met NCT 127 first, and Fire Truck was the song to get me into them, that's my favorite NCT song. And my bias of NCT 127 is Taeil. And I didn't know that he was in NCT U (because of The 7th Sense), until I heard Without You and everything! So I was slightly confused. But now I think I have a handle on things. I've already watched the episode of NCT LIFE!
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