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Photoshop is a tricky, tricky thing. Read the article at the website for the full debunking of each image and their sources.
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I dunno but it is kind of obvious, they do look quite good but not real still, especially the animals and the fruits, the only picture I wouldn't have know was the icebear-thingy xD
for the ice bear i would think that it is real. but for the rest it is obvious Photoshop :)
I was really hoping that blue watermelon was real...
@JohnLee Dang I heard about the blue watermelons...should have known it was too good to be true
@divalycious That's a good way of seeing it. (^_~) @PiuPiuPENGUIN @Tapsamai @JohnLee @Minjaeturtles I won't lie, I'll admit I thought the watermelon one was real. Sigh, would have been so cool.