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From Megan Paolone on Buzzfeed.com: "On Wednesday, Scholastic unveiled the last of seven new covers for JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series as part of its celebration of the 15th anniversary of the series’ release in the United States. The books will be available — both individually and as a boxed set — as trade paperbacks on Aug. 27. The vibrant new illustrations are the work of New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Kazu Kibuishi, who is best known for the Amulet series of graphic novels. “As an author myself, I tried to answer the question, ‘If I were the author of the books — and they were like my own children — how would I want them to be seen years from now?’” Kibuishi said in a statement. “When illustrating the covers, I tried to think of classic perennial paperback editions of famous novels and how those illustrations tend to feel. In a way, the project became a tribute to both Harry Potter and the literary classics.” Artist Mary GrandPré’s original illustrations for the series will continue to be featured on the U.S. hardcover and digest paperback editions. In November, Scholastic will also release the fist boxed set of the complete “Hogwarts Library,” a supplement to the seven-book series that includes school books Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as the book of wizard children’s stories, The Tales of Beedle the Bard. All sales from this boxed set will support the charities Lumos and Comic Relief."
awesome covers!!!!!!!!!:))))
@shoenami Oh, yeah! I just realized that I don't even know. Which of the seven is your favorite? Or is it all your favorite? XD
@YinofYang right!..me tooQ! exactly how I imagined them the first time.. XD
@shoenami Me too! I really want this. I actually prefer these covers to the originals.
@YinofYang me too!.. i'm thinking of buying this edition when I have money XD
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