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You were waiting impatiently in Junhoe’s room, waiting for him and his bandmates to return from the studio. You were wearing nothing but your underwear and one of Junhoe’s oversized shirts. You wrapped yourself in his blankets, the scent of his Old Spice body wash still lingering on them. You groaned wishing you had him there instead. You soon heard the door of the dorm open, the boys quietly walked to their rooms thinking you was asleep. You rolled over, your back to the door, removing the blankets, hiking up the shirt a bit exposing your legs, just as Junhoe opened the door. You heard him chuckle a bit as he set his bags down then quickly changing. The bed sunk a bit as Junhoe climbed in next to you. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You turned around to face him as he let out a yawn. “Fun practice?” He smiled. “Of course, I love going over the same move 500 times until I wanna puke.” You laughed messing with his hair. “Sounds like you need to relax?” You bit your lip running your hands down his chest. “Babe, I want to, but I’m just too tired. Not tonight.” He moved your hands and tried to go to sleep. “Please babe? I’ve been waiting all night.” You kissed his neck as you slid one hand down to the front of his shorts. Junhoe groaned moving away from your hand. “Y/n, I said no. No matter how many times you ask I’ll say no.” You rolled onto your back, thinking of how you could win him over and get what you want. It had been awhile since you two last had sex since he and the boys had been so busy with recording. A smirk spread across your face as you thought of how to win over Junhoe. Sure he wouldn’t respond to just please, but you knew of another word which he could never resist. You leaned over and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Are you sure you don’t want to?” He looked at you through tired eyes, “No babe.” You leaned up kissing his neck, travelling to his ear. “Please daddy?” You whispered in his ear as your hand traveled back to his shorts. His eyes snapping open as he smirked at you. “What did you say?” You smirked as you rolled over, now straddling him. Your lips finding their way back to his neck, “Please daddy.” You softly bit his ear, his hands now traveling to your waist. “You know what that word does to me.” He licked his lips as he pulled off your shirt, quickly switching places so you were under him. You began tugging at the hem of his shirt, but he grabbed both of your wrists pinning them above your head. “Not so fast princess.” He looked up at you smirking as he began kissing down your body. Slowly, starting with your neck, moving to your breasts. Taking his time with each of them, sucking, biting, then continuing on down your stomach, stopping about the waistband of your panties. He ran his fingers up your cloth covered slit, earning a soft moan from you. “Fuck, your wet baby girl.” Before you could take another breath, he ripped your panties off, his tongue slowly circling your clit as he slid one finger between your folds. “Oh my god! Fuck!” He smiled up at you, quickening his pace while inserting a second finger. “How does that feel baby girl?” You tugged on his hair, arching your back. “So good daddy.” He continued, his fingers now curling, hitting your spot perfectly. His mouth sucking and biting at your clit. “I want you to moan for daddy.” He quickened his pace, a loud moan escaping your lips, your hands tugging his hair. You felt yourself reaching your peak. “Junhoe, I’m gonna cum.” Normally he would’ve stopped, but he was in control and kept up his pace. His fingers and tongue not stopping, causing your breath to catch in your throat, your hands now pulling at the sheets, you felt your walls tightening around his fingers. “Junhoe, fuck!” Your breath now heavy as he pulled his fingers from your slit. He looked at you smiling while licking his fingers clean. He grabbed your chin pulling your face to his, kissing you. You tongues tangling as you could still taste your juices in his mouth. He broke the kiss pulling of his shirt. You kissed down his body, leaving some love bites, stopping above the waistband of his shorts. You looked at him biting your lip, almost asking for permission. “You gonna be good to daddy?” “Mhm.” You shook your head, beginning to palm his erection through his shorts. He let out a low groan as you pulled down his shorts along with his boxers. You took his length into your hand, slowly stoking it. “Shit. I want you to suck daddy’s cock baby.” You obeyed his request slowly bringing your lips to his head. You slowly slid more of him into your mouth, causing him to groan. You held his waist as you took all of him into your mouth, your gag reflex soon kicking in. “Oh fuck!” He threw his head back grabbing fistfuls of your hair. You pulled your mouth off of him, but soon he forced your head back down his shaft. “Stick your tongue out.” You stuck your tongue out as he held your head in place, you began gagging. “Fuck baby, you’re so good to daddy.” He pulled you off, and you stoked him while wiping the saliva from your chin. “Again!” He pushed your head back on his length. “Take it deeper baby.” He pushed you as far you could go. He began thrusting in and out of your mouth, fists tight full of your hair. “Oh shit baby!” You winced at the pain from his grip on your hair, but ignored the pain. “Get up.” He pulled you off of him standing you up. His lips quickly crashing into yours. He grabbed a fistful of hair, pulling your head to one side as he bit and sucked at your neck. “What do you want next baby?” All you could do was moan at him kissing you. “I said-” “Ow!” He slapped your ass causing you to yelp. “What do you want next?” You were to distract from the sting of your ass check to answer. He quickly dropped on hand to your clit, his fingers circling it, making you lean into him, wanting him closer. “Tell daddy what you want.” You wrapped your hands around his neck, pulling yourself closer to his fingers. You bit down on his shoulder moaning. “I want-” His fingers moving faster. “Shit. I want you to fuck me daddy.” “What was that?” His fingers now sliding across the length of your slit. “Please, daddy. I want you to fuck me.” Your fingers tangling in his hair as you moaned into his neck. “Please, I need you.” He pulled his fingers from you, putting them to your lips. “Suck.” You took his fingers in your mouth, sucking, tasting your juices once again. He reached over grabbing a condom from his dresser, ripping it open with his teeth and sliding it down his shaft. “Jump.” You jumped and he caught your legs, now walking you towards the wall. He pushed your back against the wall and teased your slit with his tip. “Oh fuck, don’t tease me.” You tried pushing yourself onto him but he would just pull away. “Say those words one more time for me baby girl. You pulled his hair, looking into his eyes. “Please daddy, fuck me.” With those words you saw his eyes fill with lust. He slammed into you without warning, causing you to moan so loud the other boys would hear, if they haven’t heard you two already. “Shit baby you’re tight.” He didn’t bother to go slow or let you adjust, you were at his control. “Fuck Junhoe, harder.” You wrapped your arms around his neck resting your head on his shoulder, trying to catch your breath as his thrusting became harder and faster. “Are you close yet baby?” You shook your head not being able to form words. He pulled you from the wall, walking you both to his bed. He put you down, as gently as he could, not pulling his length from your heat. He put one of your legs on his shoulder, allowing him to thrust deeper. “Oh fu-” You covered your mouth, but he quickly pulled it away. “I want them to hear you scream for me.” He pinned your arms above your head while he quickened his pace. “Oh my god! Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” “That’s it baby.” He looked at you licking his lips, your walls tightening around his length. He kept thrusting and you rode out your orgasm, your breathing now heavy as his thrusts slowed down. “Shit baby, I want you to ride daddy now.” He pulled out, letting you position yourself on top of him. You slowly lowered yourself down onto him, both of you moaning out. “Fuck, baby. If you do good, I’ll cum quick.” You smirked at him as you began to bounce up and down on his shaft. You tossed you head back as Junhoe’s hands squeezed your ass. “Fuck!” He slapped your ass, it stung but you didn’t mind. “Shit, I’m so close baby girl.” You rested your hands on his chest, helping to push yourself up and down faster. “Are you gonna cum?” He bit his lip shaking his head. You began to kiss at his neck, whispering in his ear. “I want you to cum for me daddy. Please. Can you do that?” His hands now gripping at your hips, surely there would be bruises there when you woke up. “Fuck, you want daddy to cum?” “Mhm.” You nibbled on his ear, knowing he was so close. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum baby!” His thrusts now the hardest they’ve been all night. “Shit!” With one last buck of his hips he had reached his peak. He wrapped his arms around your waist as he caught his breath coming down from his climax. “Fuck baby. You were so good.” You rolled off of him so he could dispose of the condom. You pulled your underwear, threw on another one of Junhoe’s shirts, and collapsed onto the bed. He pulled his boxers back on and joined you. “You were right, I did need to relax a little after that long practice.” He pulled you in for a kiss. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him. “Goodnight babe.” You rested your head on his chest and closed your eyes. “Goodnight daddy.” He quickly looked down at you while you looked up at him smirking. “Don’t say that word if you aren’t ready for what comes with it.” “Oh I think I’m ready. Round 2?” He walked over to his dresser to grab a condom, then turned back to look at you. “How about, we try this round in the shower?”
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