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Cliche or not, I don't care! Lucy is definitely my favorite character in Fairy Tail. Sure, she can be really annoying at times, but you've gotta admit that makes her more like a real person than many anime characters. Or maybe it just makes her more like me? I don't know, but she's definitely my favorite!
Here's a few funny Lucy moments that just solidified her place on my list of characters I love & hope to continue being like. She's strong, even when she's weak, and she has learned how to rely on others. That is something everyone needs to learn how to do!!!
((also don't strangle me but I totally prefer her dubbed voice!! so there's another video below XD))

I love you, Lucy!!

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Lucy is an amazing character!!! I totally agree c: And I don't think it's clich茅 at all, a lot of people in fact seem to overlook some of Lucy's strengths as well as her clever personality overall.
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i prefer dub FT too!!!
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I Love Lucy, haha get it? 馃槅
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@Nellthearrow Aye!!! XD
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Me too Lucy rules but two of my so called friends hate her
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