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Alright guys, I avoided the subject until now...

Pokemon Go.

But trust me there are dogs in this post! Pokemon and dogs!!!

A shelter in Muncie, Indiana, had a BRILLIANT idea.

What if we gave all these wandering Pokemon trainers a dog to walk? Isn't that a win for everyone? You're outside walking around anyway, why not walk a dog that needs love?
The director of the shelter, Phil Peckinpaugh, actually thought of the idea when he was playing it himself! His town was full of people of all ages walking around, and he saw the perfect opportunity.

Peckinpaugh says it’s only been an hour since Pokémon Go dog walking has officially opened, and he’s already seen lines of kids and adults at the shelter looking at adoptable pets and waiting to walk one around the neighbourhood.

The main point isnt to get these dogs walking, its to get them ADOPTED.

“If this game connects prospective families with these animals, then that is the best we could ask for.”

Who thinks this is the coolest Pokemon Go usage so far?!

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Aww. Though, i feel like if they got distracted by Pokemon the dog could get ran over or something... Whatever. I love it🙃
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I am glad that Pokemon Go is being used for something good, that makes me happy.
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that's the coolest usage I ever heard of. ☺
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I think it's pretty cool!!
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