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sorry I haven't been posting these, I haven't really been in the mood to do these but now I want to start back up doing these so I hope you guys can enjoy these!

⚠ Warning there will be some spoilers in this Card for those who haven't seen this Anime Puebla Magi Madoka Magica Magical Girls. You have been warned!

That Moment when you realize a anime you thought was going to be cute and adorable, would turn out to be the darkest anime you've ever seen and is totally different than what you expected. So don't be fooled by its appearance
you may think Qube is so cute and adorable (which he is) but once you find out his true colors and what he is trying to do... than you won't think he's so cute anymore... If you so happen to come across him and he offers you to be a magical girl DECLINE HIM! His plan is to turn girls into magical girls, fight one another, they turn into witches and magical girls kill one another.... don't share their same faith....
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I tried to watch this anime when i was like, 10 and i watched the first 4 episodes and i was done. It was creeping me out and my favourite character had already dIED
...Now I wanna watch it 😂
i saw this anime....and honestly when i think about a good start but a bad ending (not bad but so hard that i cant wrap my head around it) anime. i think of this one...
Fuck that shit ill still say "give me that contract. This life is boring anyways"