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God some of these people are acting like Yugyeom and BamBam killed people
i think people should grow up. This was blown way out of proportion. BamBam didnt know and that's fine, he is not accustom to our culture and neither are we to his. Plus i dont think Yugyeom was drunk honestly and i think its hot the mark has a tattoo 馃檴馃檴
he shouldn't have to apologize freakin ppl take stupid stuff to heart, if they don't want to hear it then leave ain't nobody asking u to stay sheesh ppl like them make me so mad
He didn't have to apologize he didn't do anything! But you know what whatever he's a good boy he did it to calm people the fuck down. People are dumb. And just saying I'm blaming this on Marks friends they started all this
@gabbycalzada I agree that he didn't do anything wrong. This is like a slap to the boys' face. They'll never be able to trust people again like this is fucked. Mark is fine with a tattoo it's not like every other person in the world has a tattoo. Even other idols have tattoos. Marks friends need to be ready for a shit storm because it's coming for them.
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