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Do you hear that? That's the sound of fans wailing as they come across the news of Song Joong Ki's inevitable enlistment into the military being announced! And that date has been set for less than a month away on August 27! Song Joong Ki reached out to fans through his agency, writing, "How are you? This is Song Joong Ki. Recently, I received the enlistment notice from the Military Manpower Administration. I will enlist on August 27. I will conclude my promotional activities well during the time I have left and plan and enter the training facility. I sincerely thank everyone who have supported and loved me. Since I can't give my farewell greeting to each and every one of you, I am delivering my thankful heart through this message. I will return after carrying out my military duties for 2 years. ^^ Until I can greet you all with a good production, please be healthy and well." Although the news come as a short notice, those attending his fan meeting on August 17 will have a chance to say goodbye to the actor before he enlists.
gudbye oppa, see you & fight..... fight
goodbye oppa... :'( be healthy also....god bless...saranghe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 :)
Good bless Oppa <3
Don't be sad,u guys wish our oppa a good journey in the, military service oppa iz performing his duty as a korean citizen and it will be a great life,learning experience for him may it end faster oppa come back safe and btr thsn ever oppa my Best wishes take good care of urself and come back fast Love u oppa :-)
oppa...very sad and shocked :(
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