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Which rookie will be the best player five years from now? NBA.com Arnovitz: A toss-up between Bennett and, crazy as it sounds at the moment, Noel. There' a very good chance no player drafted in 2013 will distinguish himself as an offensive genius. But Noel projects to be a monster defensively, the kind of mobile, athletic rim protector around whom a team can build an elite defense. Is there anyone in this draft class who can anchor a top-five offense? Gordon: Ben McLemore. With his skill set and draft spot he seems poised for a vindictive career, but it's hard to say with Sacramento. Even the first season might not mean much. Didn't we all think Tyreke Evans was destined for years of dominance after his rookie of the year campaign? Herbert: Noel. His draft-night slide to No. 6 still boggles the mind. Noel needs time to grow into his body and develop his offensive game, but he has the potential to be a game-changing, Joakim Noah-esque defensive presence. Koremenos: Oladipo. Alex Len and Noel are two other young players in the running for this honor, but the Orlando rookie has the athleticism, work ethic and skill set to be one of the top players in not only his class but the entire league a half-decade from now. Winter: Noel. The concerns are legitimate: He's injured, needs to gain weight and lacks anything close to a developed offensive repertoire. But Noel's all-encompassing potential on defense remains otherworldly, and it's easy to imagine him becoming a space-creating pick-and-roll partner à la Tyson Chandler. In a class so devoid of a surefire star, he's still the safest bet to become one.
I could see that. I could also see Noel, but part of that is because he is so raw now, I think his game will improve faster than some of the other guys
I'm going with Oladipo because of his work ethic. I think Cody Zeller has a good chance too. I think the Bobcats finally made a good pick.