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Who ever is writing these needs to be slapped by Bambam and every igot7. I don't like that they keep trying to make it seem like he said it at someone or about someone with a negative racial intent. He shouldn't have said it, we all know that, but let's be clear what he said. "My n****" He used it like slang, the same way black people do, they same way young people do, and the same way the famous artists he listens to do in their songs. He was told the slang meaning and therefore was unaware of it's roots. I feel like the fact that they leave out how he used the word is a big deal and is causing more damage because most people don't know what he said, they just know he said it, and most people, non American fans especially, don't know that there is actual double meaning in the word.
they don't realize that 'nigga' is just something we black people call everyone and everything. We literally use that word for anything. I've called my dog that once cause she was right up under me. that word is not as offensive when it ends in an A, if he had said it with the ER then I'd have an attitude because that is the version of the word that's rooted with a bad history. and someone in the video actually used that version of the word. Soooo many people in the video said 'nigga' why are people just flipping out on bam bam, cause he's an idol? Can we cut with the double standards bs. it's not like he was saying it to be offensive. Black people don't go around calling each other my nigga to be insulting we basically just called you a friend or a homie. If a black person says it with an ER you've just lost their respect. there's like three simple rules to using nigga if your not black but here's the thing either everyone can say it or no one can say it at all. I guarantee you at least one of marks pals have hung around someone that said it enough that they assimilated it into their vocab. It didn't just happen and Bam bam probably wanted to fit in or he was having so much fun that it popped out but he honestly didn't even say it right. That's why most people including me thought he was speaking Korean cause it sounded like niga. His accent was coming out.
Allkpop needs to back off
I'm black. I could care less. Yeah, I was a bit taken aback when he said it, but it's not something to kill him over. People need to chill the hell out.
marks "friends" told him it meant bro...
I read on a different news sites comment section and this one commenter said that the excuse for them not being from the US isn't a valid excuse. That's kind of took me aback like, yes it is. If you went to a different culture and said something offensive without knowing the true meaning, people would be shocked, but they would also understand that you aren't from there, so someone played a prank or convinced you it was ok. I feel like bambam shouldn't be getting this much hate for something he didn't mean to do. The poor kid is probably losing so much stress over this whole issue when he really shouldn't be. Yes it's a horrible word with a horrible meaning, but he didn't know the meaning. His sister even said she didn't understand the meaning until she learned it. So yes, I'll accept the apology(which I already have).
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