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I just put this in case someone didn't know that...... Natsu and Zeref are brothers.... And that Natsu is E.N.D.
I hope you guys like my little edit😊.... For my make up battle I would love to see both Natsu and Zeref teaming up to take down Acnologia.... And that somehow during the fight we actually see E.N.D. unleashed!!! I think that'd be a one sick fight!!! Both Zeref and Natsu are powerful in their own right but together they'd be unstoppable! And against Acnologia who's powerful in his own right too it'd be even better... I like all three of them so I can't choose none of them to lose.... You guys decide who'd win this brawl... @Tylor619 @AimeBolanos @hikaymm @OtakuDemon10