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BamBam seems to have made an unofficial apology on Instagram for his previous behavior at a Los Angeles party. The GOT7 member was recorded using the N-word, a racial slur. BamBam posted the below video of his travels in the United States for GOT7's concert 'Fly in USA 1st Concert' as well as some leisure time he had. In the comments of the post, he made an unofficial apology to fans, writing, "I want to say I'm sorry for what I have done. And I know this is all my mistake. I don't want to stay quiet like this. I'll do something when I get back to Korea. I promise. I'm sorry for making a lot of you guys upset. This is all my fault. I'm sorry." Just yesterday, a video clip of BamBam saying the N-word spread on the internet. Many fans and netizens were upset by his actions as well as the behavior of his fellow member Yugyeom, who was drinking underage. What do you think of BamBam's unofficial apology and his usage of the N-word? Source: Allkpop
Him apologizing is good right? I mean it doesnt have to be official. I felt bad for them getting bashed on, as my Omma was saying they were just kicking back BamBam probably didn't mean it, and as for Yugyeom, we haven't heard from him but that doesn't really matter, they were all just trying to have fun. That's all I have to say in that matter. My Kpop Crew: @RochelleRose @UKissMeKevin @EmilyPeacock @Winx9119 @evieevelyn @BBxGD @TheEnlightment IGOT7 fam: (Future tags follow collection or comment below)
I am glad how he apologized but still it's wasn't his fault it was mark's friends who exposed him for telling him to say the N word and how All kpop is trying to make it seem like bambam did it is upsetting to me
and for bambam I just don't even care because I've heard so many people use that word. As long as I take no offence to it, i say go ahead and use it
@AlittleJoy I did hear about this but honestly I feel like the people getting upset over this are simply hypocrites or people who are too young to be drinking yet. I mean we've all done it, we've all had a drink before the legal age and tbh 21 is the legal age because you're supposed to be more responsible at that age but I've seen PLENTY of people that were over 21 and still should NOT be given any kind of alcohol whatsoever. At least Yugyeom was "responsible" enough to be with friends and family, on private property while drinking. I'm totally fine with this as long as he didn't get anybody pregnant😕
@AlittleJoy I heard about this but was going to wait till more facts came out. He was just probably trying to be "cool" in front of Marks friends and wanted to speak like American kids. As for Yugyeom drinking isn't the drinking age lower in Korea? Like 19 but in Korean age or something like that. He was around 'family' so to speak so of course he would be having fun and drinking. I don't see the big deal in that. And I lost it at the Chris Brown thing 😂
@JaeLayJooWonho very true.
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