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MiraJane vs Erza Scarlett
Mirajane : Satan Soul, Takeover magic, flight , enhanced speed, Posion resistance, Darkness magic Erza: Requip magic , Telekinesis, enhanced strength,swordman ship
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Mira FTW ❤❤❤
a year ago·Reply
Erza ^^ ❤
a year ago·Reply
I love Erza and all but Mira would have to be my choice
a year ago·Reply
Now this is a fight to see. Mira with demon soul and Erza with re-equip. They were rivals when they were younger as well as S-Class wizards.
a year ago·Reply
Mira would probably win. Unless Erza was fighting for something she really cared about, like friends or cake, but in general it would be Mira definitely
a year ago·Reply